Wednesday, August 10, 2011

obsessed with rompers

this summer i have become obsessed with rompers. they are such a perfect mixture of sexy and classy and just plain fab. you can dress them up with a sexy pair of heels or you can dress them down with sandals, flats, or boots. here are some beautiful examples for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Ever since I was young I have really been into art. I personally think its one of the best forms of expression and have found it very therapeutic over the years. It has been seven years since I have really done a lot of painting/drawing, I guess it correlates with me having no free time once I reached high school. Fortunately, I have re-found my love for art and have begun a new piece. Once I am done with it I will post it, until then here are some for your enjoyment. 

 Iris. Watercolor. '04
 Golden Gate Bridge. Acrylic. '08
 Tiger. Acrylic. '04

 Thanksgiving. Pastel.
 Fruit. Watercolor
Toucans. Acrylic. '04

Statue. Pencil. '03

Thursday, July 28, 2011


first i must say finally... it has taken me a long time to create a blog for the sole reason of having no title name, then tonight it came to me.. vida.. it is short, sexy, and to the point, just like me. so hello blog world i can't wait to embark on this adventure and share with you my life as i see it...